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     Speeches Studio
Text recorder with project manager for macOS

Creating an audio file from text is not a particular challenge. But the result usually sounds pretty monotonous. By using different voices with adjustment of speed, pitch and volume, you have significantly more options. So you can also create real dialogues and use the result, an audio file, in other apps.

Speeches Studio was developed for exactly this case. Depending on the requirements, with more or less attention to detail, unique results are created. Podcasts, audio tracks for movies and clips, audio files for websites and social media or even audio books are produced in this way. We wish you lots of fun and success.


Speeches Studio can use all available voices on your Mac. You can find out which voices are available in your language in the system settings. Our instructions Voices in macOS should support you. In addition, the instructions Voices in Speeches Studio explain all the essential functions for individually presetting.


With the project manager in Speeches Studio you can create, duplicate, import, export and share your own projects. This illustration shows the most important functions.

Insert text
Insert or type text, create paragraphs and add the entire text to the project.

Import Speeches-Studio-Project [.spxo] or Speeches-File [.speeches].

Send the project by email or export it as a file.

Duplicate, create or delete a project.

Create new project.

Delete the selected project.

Position project in the table (up or down)