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The perfect Content-Organizer for your Mac

Share your catalog documents (like recipes, travel destinations, manuals, checklists, projects ...) with friends. myCatalogs was developed as a content organizer for the Mac to solve a basic problem. Everyone has their personal favourites, collections and projects. It’s a big challenge to organize all this information at file level. If you would like to share this informations with your friends or colleagues, the effort is increased and you can lost the overview. Reduce your effort and organize your Mac in a simple way.

  • Create your own catalogs
  • Create your own documents
  • Share your documents with friends
  • Add your own files
  • Insert graphics and texts
  • Use the maps of your Mac
  • Print your letters from templates
  • Print your documents with header and footer
  • Synchronize individual catalogs via your cloud drive
  • Synchronize individual catalogs via a network folder
These are just some of the most important highlights of myCatalogs. What ever you want to collect and share in the future (recipes, destinations, interesting places, checklists, letter templates, instructions or project plans), with myCatalogs is much easier. After downloading from the Mac App Store, simply let yourself be inspired by the included examples or use them as templates for your own documents.